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Well... Being the newb that I am I was not aware that I needed to actually be SCOUTED for someone to find the drawing I had done for madness day! Aw poo!

Since I don't wish to be a nuiscance and ask to be scouted I am working on some drawings to post so people know the way I draw and then someone will hopefully vouch for my art eventually (even though it's not that impressive really)... Anyway! I'm about 80% done on a new drawing and this time I will try to have it scanned properly so it doesn't look all ugly :P

I've also been thinking on posting some older drawings but I'm sort of really intimidated by all the talented artists in here, but I may decide to do it at the last minute. I know I sure could use some reviews and constructive criticism to get better :)

Anyhow... Yay happy first post ever! I guess I'll use this blog now to keep track of interesting things that happen to me and stuff too so... hooray!

See you later!

Nighty ;)